About us

I-G Training Pte Ltd (IGT) was established in 2008, the company provides technical and practical training to the general insurance and reinsurance industry. It is managed by experienced insurance practitioners and well supported by a strong pool of experienced facilitators.

Company Profile


IGT is committed to serve the insurance market in Singapore and the region. It provides quality training programmes which are specially designed and developed to build the knowledge and skill-sets of insurance practitioners and professionals. IGT focuses on increasing the technical competency and enhancing the practical experience of middle and senior level insurance executives so as to enable them to add value in their service to their employers by applying what they have learnt to their workplace and by assuming greater roles and responsibilities.

IGT’s expertise includes designing curriculum and also training insurance practitioners to effectively impart their knowledge and experience so as to increase the technical competency of insurance executives and managers.

Currently IGT is managed by a team of professionals, in consultations with a board of technical advisors from the Insurance industry.

IGT’s insurance training programmes have been approved for training grants from The Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF) as well as the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. As such, eligible participants of companies are able to claim up to 50% of the course fee. The technical and practical training programmes crafted by IGT include:


     Marine and Energy Insurance Topics

  •   Unravelling the mysteries of Cargo Claims and 1/1/2009 Clauses

  •   Marine Cargo Clauses and Applications Improved version with 1/1/2009 Clauses

  •   Marine Hull Underwriting (with a Sea Trip)

  •   Marine Hull & Machinery Claims

  •   Underwriting Energy Insurance – Oil & Gas Rigs

  •   Technical Aspects of Energy Insurance Oil & Gas Rigs

  •   Cargo Underwriting – A claims approach

  •   Marine Insurance Incoterms and Applications

  •   Ports & Terminal Liability Insurance

  •   Insuring Liquid Cargoes under Institute Bulk Oil Clause

  •   Modern Practice of Marine Cargo Insurance

  •   Handling General Average Claims

  •   Marine Insurance Principles and Practice

  •   Freight Forwarders’ Liability Insurance

  •   Managing the Risk Exposure of Project Cargoes


  • Property and Pecuniary Insurance Topics

    •   Contractors’ All Risks with On-Site Experience (this programme focused on VRWS and RIBA 19 2(a))

    •   Contractors’ All Risks A Case Study Approach

    •   Industrial All Risks and Machinery Breakdown Underwriting Issues and Business Interruption Claims

    •   Deterioration of Stocks Insurance underwriting and claims

    •   Underwriting & Pricing Jewellers’ Block Risk Exposure

    •   Technical Aspects of Jewellers’ Block Insurance Evaluating Gemstones

    •   Technicalities of Dealing with Fire Losses

    •   Events Insurance

    •   Business Interruption Insurance – With a Special Coverage on Contingent Business Interruption

    •   Property Insurance – Operational Risks

    •   Engineering Insurance – Construction Risks

    •   Engineering Insurance – Operational Risks

    •   Property & Business Interruption Insurance


    • Casualty Classes, Financial Lines and Reinsurance Topics

    •   Technical Understanding of Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

    •   Products Liability Insurance

    •   Commercial General Liability Insurance

    •   Underwriting & Managing Performance Bonds

    •   Reinsurance Technical Accounting

    •   Establishing the Foundation of Reinsurance

    •   Casualty Classes The Bases of Conditions and Exclusions from a Reinsurance Perspective

    •   Casualty Treaty Reinsurance Workshop

    •   Facultative Reinsurance for Mega Risks

    •   Professional Indemnity Insurance

    •   Advanced Casualty Insurance

    •   Essentials of Proportional Treaty


    Soft-skill programmes specially customized for the insurance industry:

    •   Double Memory and Triple Your Productivity for The Insurance Professionals

    •   The Winning Mindset specially customized for individual companies incorporating company culture

    •   Writing a Grammatically Correct Insurance Claims Report

    •   Report Writing Workshop for Insurance Professionals

    •   Effective Team-Player & Interpersonal Skills

    •   Effective Insurance Negotiation and Problem-Solving Skills

    •   Professional Insurance Writing Skills

    •   Impactful Insurance Presentation

      IGT provides a platform to facilitate the sharing of technical knowledge and experience transfer within the insurance industry. IGT enlists those who possess the relevant technical know-how and many years of market experience as facilitators. We constantly refine existing programmes and also develop new training programmes so as to cater to the increasing needs of a dynamic industry.

      IGT is committed to provide top quality technical and practical training programmes and workshops so as to contribute to the dynamic development of the general insurance and reinsurance hub in Singapore and the Asia region. 


Our Participants

Our participants range from junior

executives who wish to better understand

the industry, to management

professionals who wish to have a

refresher or be updated with current

market developments.


Our participants are keen to apply what

they have learnt, with our real-life case

studies and practical exercises, to better

prep them for work situations. 

Our Facilitator

Our facilitators are industry-based

technical specialists in their fields. They

work hand in hand with us to maintain a

high standard of training for our



Our facilitators consist of a mix of local

and international talents, which enables us

to offer our participants both local

and international perspectives.


They are generous in their sharing of

experience and knowledge, which is why

we have so many excellent feedback given

by previous participants.